Guilty Parties

Music is the trigger of imaginations.

”If it were said of us that we’re almost romantics, that we are incorrigible idealists, that we think the impossible: then a thousand and one times we have to answer ‘yes we are‘“ (Ernest Che Guevara)

Wacko Maria, established in 2005. with music as the basis of our foundation, we propose a style that feels the sense of romance and glamour. every season, we draw inspiration from our everyday experiences. influenced by music, films, and art, we instill these messages into each and everyone of our creations; expressing these ideals through unique originality and authentic craftsmanship.
we believe one cannot create beautiful things nor lead a beautiful life without love, dreams and passion. without a doubt, one must always seek perfection. with this mind, guilty parties will continue to pursue making things we truly believe in.

In recent years, our work with acclaimed independent film director, Jim Jarmush , along with a series of collaborative products made with progressive collage artist weirdo dave, have vigorously garnered much attention.

In 2011, we started art project for our latest collection look book working with world acclaim artists. our collaborate artists including Tsuyoshi Noguchii, New York based energetic photographer Tim Barber, and the legendary photographer/film director Larry Clark.